Hi Desarie,

I hope life has been treating you well. Our two Klee Kai, Kaskae and Kaia, have been super close and loving. We definitely cannot imagine life without them. Since we moved here over year ago a lot of people have gone crazy over them as well, especially since they both are affectionate and playful with everyone’s kids. Here are some pictures from this last winter.

Thank you for your help,


kaskae kaia alaskan klee kai car ride kaskae kaia alaskan klee kai snow dogs

Kiki is a 3 year old standard size Alaskan Klee Kai. She is one of the smartest dogs we have ever known, usually smarter then us. We are so proud of her. She has passed all her obedience classes and received her Canine Good Citizen in 2009. She has attended therapy classes and passed two therapy tests. One is for Bright and Beautiful and then Therapy Dogs International. Thanks so much for trusting one of your babies with our family.

Mindy and Gary

kiki the alaskan klee kai therapy dog


I know you are busy with new puppies but just wanted to know that we are enjoying Jewel so much – we call her Ficka Ulv (Swedish for Pocket Wolf). She is very clever and knows Sit, Stay, Shake, Lay down, Crawl, Jump, and most of the time roll-over. Now that she has her first 3 series of shots we are making sure she gets socialized to other people and dogs, her plate is full of puppy play dates. She gets a nice relaxing 60-90 minute walk everyday in the park behind our house that is incredibly quiet and serene, bonus usually she gets to meet 2-3 dogs per walk. We are getting her ready for obedience classes next month.

Just want you to know she is doing great and we love her to pieces.She even has her own blog Ficka’s Blog

Thank you so much for letter her into our lives.


Hi Desarie,

I just wanted to update you on how Niklas is doing and send some pictures. I guess, first of all, I should mention that my son has picked the name Niko for him.  He is doing very well and is a great addition to our family.  The first week that we had him we drove to my sister’s house inMontana.  He did very well on the 7 hour drive.  He loved the snow and had a great time playing with my son.  My sister has two dogs and a cat and Niko did very well with them as well.  He is developing quite the personality.

Also, Niko is our little celebrity!  The website that I bought a dog tag from has named him the “Pet of the Week”.  Here is the link to the site.

I have to thank you again for your breeding efforts.  Niko is a very well-adjusted puppy and the integration into our home has been effortless! More pictures to come later.  Hope all is well with you and Happy New Year!

Take care,


alaskan klee kai puppy niko


We can’t thank you enough for everything. Rebel is adjusting so very well to his new environment and it has to be because of his beginnings in your home.

We have decided to give him a more Alaskan name of Kenai and he responds wonderfully already. He sits when asked, walks beautifully on the leash and is beginning his first beginner puppy class this coming weekend. We hope to enroll him in obstacle course work eventually after all his obedience classes. I have never experienced a more eager to learn and just downright fun dog! He now goes right to the front door when he wants to go on a walk and the back door when he wants to go to the bathroom. We just had a frost and he couldn’t get enough of rolling in the crispy leaves and grass. My three kids absolutely adore him.

We’ll keep you posted on his progress. I’ve experienced quite a few puppies to raise and by far he is the most focused, intelligent, beautiful,amazing little fellow. We are all amused by how eager for play and fun he can be one moment and then become the calmest, sweetest lapdog in a split second.

Thank you so much for bringing such amazing creatures into this world and for allowing our family to adopt of one of your most special puppies.

All of our gratitude!

Sandy, Rohan, Emily, Noelle and Chris

Hi mommy Desarie,

I am doing very well at my new home. Mommy said I had to send you this paperwork I got at the vet, see attached. I don’t know what it is about but they said something about me being neutered. I don’t remember a thing, I just remember going on a car ride, seeing some nice ladies, and taking a nap.

Mommy Carol and Daddy Chris take me everywhere. We drove to a place called Hillsboro, Oregon where I got to meet my cousin Jack the yorkie. He was soooo fun and he even let me play with his toys too. My other cousin Nadia is a people and Aunt Amy says she is only 3… she wouldn’t let me play with her toys.

I miss the girls back in Riverside and always think of them when I go to the doggie park and see really big red husky dogs there. I am still a little afraid of the big dogs so I usually play with the little ones. All the people at Doggie Park always want to talk to daddy. I think it’s something about me? Daddy even said he met a very nice lady named Mary who has been talking to you about a puppy. I can’t wait to get a new friend like me!

Well, daddy says I have to sign off now.

I made some updates to my puppy page if you haven’t seen them yet, it includes some video of me in action up in Hillsboro with Jack.



Riley is settling in well and you are right we are very pleased! It makes me laugh to think I was worried about her handling herself with Jazzy, I think she will probably take control of everyone very quickly. She is also extremely sweet and loving and I give all of you credit for that. She had her second round of shots yesterday and everyone at my vet’s office fell in love with her. Riley thinks Roxy is her new mom and that is really sweet to see, and she and Jazzy are already playing well together. Jazzy is a little jealous, she wants all the toys to be hers, but overall I think they are doing great. Riley has met all the kitties and so far so good, Lola and Potter hissed at her just to make sure she doesn’t go after them like Jazzy does, so hopefully they will all become friends. Lola, Boomer and Jazzy wrestle every day so I think Riley will jump right in.

Thanks so much, we have our dream dog now and it was definitely worth the wait.

Tiny kisses from all my crew to all of yours!


alaskan klee kai puppy gray and white jazzy


Just wanted to let you know that is Kodi is doing great. We love him so much. He is absolutely beautiful and sweet and playful and Dixie just loves him. They play all day when they are not sleeping. Thanks again for everything. We will send you some pictures soon. As you may have expected he is the talk of the town….I have given about 1/2 dozen people your website info…Including my Vet. It has been a pleasure working with you…Your honesty and your patience are truly appreciated…Kodi is even more amazing than what I expected or what his pictures showed….It is not easy dealing with someone across the county that you have never met before and actually having the final result work out without a glitch…I admire your hard work, integrity and honesty…Thanks again Desarie

Sincerely, Ivette (NYC)

alaskan klee kai blue eyed puppy kodi

Dear Desarie,

I cannot express how grateful I am for Sirius. After losing my dog of 15½ years I was just completely heartbroken. I had discovered the Alaskan Klee Kais awhile back and after coming home to an empty apartment I decided that it was time to start looking for a new companion. He has really been an awesome pup so far. He is definitely the smartest puppy I have ever had. He is completely house broken, great on a leash, and knows how to sit. He has had many wonderful adventures so far. Such as: jumping into the swimming pool, getting close enough to a sleeping duck to sniff its tail feathers, and traveling from California to New Mexico. Next weekend we are off to Carmel for Sirius to discover the ocean. He is wonderful dog and you are a wonderful breeder. Thank you for doing what you do!


Jessie, Rishon, and Sirius Black (and white)


Just wanted to thank you for Kia. She is incredible. We’ve met so many different people because of her. She’s spoiled rotten, but she is a WONDERFUL dog. Thanks again!

Gary & Cathy Bonanno

alaskan klee kai gray and white blue eyed kia


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us during our adoption of Kiska. It makes things much easier for the adoptive parents when people like you are there to hold our hands.

Kiska is everything we thought she would be. She seems intelligent, is very active, inquisitive, loving, and beautiful. Her eyes are mesmerizing. The photos simply don’t do her justice.

Lisa and Ken Herod

alaskan klee kai puppy kids kiska


thank you for letting us be Kandi’s parents. She is without doubt the most tail-wagging outgoing AKK pup. Her personality will WOW judges when she goes before them. Frank and I love her tendency to rear upon her hind feet and box with her front paws. She’s just a delight!!!

Frank & Carol Din

alaskan klee kai tiny puppy kandi

Jack and I can’t thank you enough for our two little bundles of joy! I don’t believe I told you this, but I was diagnosed with Graves disease back in July, and had to go on medication which only has a 20% chance to work and help me go into remission. A few weeks after bringing the puppies home in October, I had another blood test which showed I was getting better. I believe it was a combination of the medicine and the puppies. The puppies make me feel so much better and they bring joy into our lives. We feel so blessed to have them. We took them home with us for Christmas, and it was the first time they had flew on a plane. They were little angels in their sharpa bags. Everyone in the airport was stopping us and asking what type of dogs they were, and when we told them, they wanted to know how they could get one. Bebe and Kaizer are such sweet loving babies, and we wouldn’t trade them for anything! They can be a little mischievous sometimes, but overall they are very good dogs, and when they look at us with those beautiful eyes, we melt!


Elisha and Jack Effel

Dear Desarie,

First of all we would like to express our Gratitude and give you a great BIG THANK YOU for talking Dave into letting us get another AKK. Without your influence Donna Sue and I would still be wishing we had a sweet little girl to show and love. If it were not for you we would probably have given up the hobby we have come to enjoy so much.

It has only been two weeks since Nayeli has been home and this beautiful little girl has already brought us so much joy. The whole pack fell in love with her the minute she got home :o. Everyone absolutely adores her. And Dave (who is supposed to keep his hands off of our girl) has been caught several times snuggling her and saying how she is poppy’s little girl ;o).

Even before Dave gave into the idea of another AKK, you were always answering my questions, giving me advice, and allowing us to share in your shade. Brayden and Lexi have also been great teachers too. I especially love listening to Brayden’s insights as to which dogs should be bred to make the best in the world, he is so smart. For all of this I am so grateful. I am so proud you have chosen us as the family for your baby. I look forward to raising and showing little Eli for the many years to come. Thank You for everything!!


Jennifer, Dave, Donna Sue, Natasha, Nikcona, Nalah, Naitoki and Nayeli

alaskan klee kai siberian husky black and white ellie

Dear Desarie,

My family and I can never say Thank You enough for bringing us into the world of being owned by an Alaskan Klee Kai. Your standards, ethics, patience and knowledge are unmatched. When people stop and ask me about this incredible breed, you are the first thought that I think of. The knowledge that I have learned about these dogs is from watching you and your dogs. In a short amount of time you have a created an outstanding breeding program that is producing the best of what the AKK has to offer. Your dogs are healthy first, beautiful second and have great personalities and dispositions.

Our family has made such a connection with these dogs. We were the lucky ones to get one of your first offspring, Kiona who is pictured here with our children. I thought that after getting our second AKK that we would be complete. Well, now we are waiting to bring our third little baby home soon and we are so excited to have yet another wonderful puppy from your kennel. This is my biggest warning to others who find themselves interested in an Alaskan Klee Kai. One is never enough and you WILL want more!

I consider you not only someone that I have learned a great deal from, but more importantly, you have become my good friend. And although I am in Arizona and you are in California I know that you are only an email or a phone call away. You are always available if I or anyone else has a question, concern or just a story to share. I feel both appreciation and admiration towards you. We got so much more than just a dog(s) from you and I am grateful every time I see a little curled tail go by!

With thankful hearts,

Robin and John Leonesio

Lauren, Logan and our first AKK Kiona

alaskan klee kai gray and white blue eyed kids kiona

Hi Desarie,

This is just a note of appreciation thanking you for letting me have the opportunity of getting one of your puppies, Shadow. We welcomed Shadow into our family about 2 years ago and have been so happy with her since Day 1 when she arrived. She was a very nice puppy then when I received her and as she grew up continued to be one of the best dogs ever! It has always been a pleasure working with you and I have treasured our friendship along with your wisdom on teaching me more about the AKKs. I’m looking forward to getting my next AKK, Dakota, and I’m sure he will be of the same quality as Shadow, both in the physical aspects and temperament. Shadow is a GrandChampion now and she would never have been able to get it, especially in such a short period of time, if she had not come from good quality ancestors and a great breeder. You do a great job with your Klee Kai. Keep up the great work!

Thanks once again,


alaskan klee kai pack shadow

Hi Desarie,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Link. He is the talk of the town, and I take him just about everywhere I go! He loves to go in the car, and gets along great with other dogs. Many people stop me and ask about him and the breed and I inform them about the A.K.K. and tell them that I got him from Kika’s Klee Kai. He is very smart and also loves to be “vocal” at times with people….TOO CUTE!!! Here is a picture of him shortly after he turned 7 months old, just enjoying the weather.

Thanks again,

Dave Hansen

alaskan klee kai blue eyed link


Words cannot express the joy that Rocky has given us in our lives. As a newlywed couple starting our lives together, he has been the perfect addition for us. All of the help and advice you gave while he was growing up was priceless to us. Your professionalism truly shows why you are such a respected name in the AKK community. Rocky really is the best thing that has happened to Elisa and I, and we cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to be apart of the AKK family. We wish you all the best, and will send more pictures of him as he grows older!

Mike, Elisa and Rocky

Dear Desarie,

Thank you so much for our precious Luna. She’s exactly what we hoped for in an addition to our family. Crate training and potty training was a breeze. Within a week and a half she was sleeping through the night. We can also tell that she’s very smart, she learned “sit” and “down” just by watching big sis, Serafina. The two of them play so well together and with all the other dogs they meet. Luna is a celebrity at the local dog park and the word is spreading about the Alaskan Klee Kai. She’s the perfect size and temperment, not to mention her great markings and gorgeous big BLUE eyes! When people ask about her, we always mention our wonderful breeder who brought her into our lives. We could never thank you enough.

Leslie & Evan Inman

alaskan klee kai puppy female luna


Thank you so much for our Jojo. He is such a wonderful puppy. As you can see he is at home enjoying a baseball game with us, a Dodger fan of course. I want to thank you for all your help and advise. He was a great choice for us and we can’t wait for puppy # 2, this summer right, we’ll keep in touch!! Thank you again, Jackie & Joe.

alaskan klee kai cute puppy jojo

Dear Desarie:

Thank you so much for the beautiful puppy, he is such a blessing…after only 2 days, you can see how at home he is! The love and time you and your kids have given him is so apparent: he is easy going, quick to warm up to guests and loves being held and cuddled (even the cats are warming up to him). His temperament, intelligence and size make him a perfect addition to our home.

Thanks Debi Clark, debiclark@aol.com

alaskan klee kai fuzzy puppy denali


We just wanted to thank you and tell you how pleased we are that we chose you for a breeder. Not only have you been supportive from the beginning but you have had so much patience in explaining to us and teaching us all that it takes to be good parents to our Koda.

When we first started looking for a new puppy we never had a Klee Kai in mind and coming across the breed accidentally we were sure this is what we wanted. We had never heard of the Klee Kai before and were a little worried to have such a rare breed and know nothing about it but you stood by us as we waited (impatiently) and with your patience, guidance, support and friendship we felt secure that we had made the right choice. You have helped us tremendously in raising Koda. He is such a special part of our family; I can’t imagine life without him. He has a wonderful temperament and is so friendly, attentive and well behaved…there is no doubt we made the right choice by picking your breeding program, Koda and putting ourselves back on your waiting list for our second Klee Kai. You have helped me with everything from picking out his crate to picking out shoes for the river for Koda. Your patience is unbelievable! With all your guidance Koda is well on his way to becoming a Champion and we are awaiting his appropriate age to start him in the breeding program. Koda is a wonderful dog and I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do for us with your outstanding breeding program, unconditional support and friendship.

With much appreciation to you,

Violet and Jason Hignite

alaskan klee kai black and white brown eyed koda


I wanted to thank you for a truly great “puppy adoption experience”. I really appreciate all the time you have spent answering my dozens of Klee Kai questions as I waited [not so 🙂 ] patiently on your waiting list! I liked the fact that you had suggested coming to a local UKC show, where I was able to meet you, your dogs, and other AKK in person. Meeting you and your AKK family assured me that I was making the right decision by choosing to get my new puppy from you. I am very happy with the amount of communication and information you supplied during the “difficult waiting period”. I enjoyed receiving information on your litters – especially the weekly photo updates, as the puppies began to grow up.

As you know, Kyra is now 6 months old and has been a wonderful addition to our family. She bonded as quickly with the kids and I, as we have to her. You have been wonderful (and patient!) about continuing to answer my more recent questions about breeding and showing. I feel you have shown a great committment to fostering a positive long term relationship with your “offspring” and their new families. You have been very helpful, professional and considerate. I would certainly recommend you to others as a breeder of awesome Klee Kai puppies!

Best wishes for a happy and reproductive future (kennel-wise) !!!



alaskan klee kai fluffy kyra(Kyra’s Mom)

Hi! My name is Ellen Distel and I’d like to give a recommendation for Desarie Fletcher.  Desarie has come quite a long way in a relatively short time.  Anyone able to say they have a UKC top ten Alaskan Klee Kai has a lot to brag about.  Desarie is luckier then most in being able to announce a #1 AKK!!!!  Desarie’s dogs show a healthy, well thought out breeding plan.  I am extremely eager to be placed on her waiting list for one of her breedings.  I would also be very happy to have her on my list for any future litters I might have.  In my opinion, Desarie and her dogs have a lot to offer the AKK community.

I am writing on behalf of Desarie Fletcher, owner and breeder of Alaskan Klee Kai, in Southern California.  I have known Desarie since the beginning of the year when my search for an AKK began.  She was the first breeder I contacted because her website caught my eye.  It was the most professional and impressive I had come across, not to mention that her dogs were stunning.  I called her and she willingly chatted with me for about 20 minutes and by the end of the conversation we had arranged for me and my family to come out to her home and meet her and her dogs.

Desarie warmly welcomed us into her home and shared not only her points of view on breeding style but expressed her true passion for the development of the breed, following the guidelines of the originator of AKK, Linda Spurlin.

One thing that I remember really striking a cord with me about Desarie is when we point blank asked her about other breeders we had heard about and what she thought of them, she never once said a negative thing about any of them, but rather expounded upon how she prefers to raise her dogs, in her home, as members of the family and her personal standards for raising her pups.  Another amazing thing we all took notice of was the cleanliness and condition of Desarie’s house and yard while having at that time four dogs as well as two young children.  It is remarkable how she is able to maintain such a hectic lifestyle with such ease and grace.

As the months have progressed, I have grown closer and closer to Desarie.  She has not only advised me in the tedious process that demands patience, but she has provoked in me, the passion that she has for the breed as well as the desire to one day be involved in a breeding program.  She has been so encouraging and supportive in helping me find my “perfect first Klee Kai” that we have deciding to invest in each other and pursue a joint venture in co-owning a Klee Kai as soon as the right situation presents itself.

Up to this point, I have had the opportunity of visiting three different breeding programs as well as having had contact with quite a few breeders.  Of these, Desarie has not only impressed me but has far exceeded my standards of a breeder with whom I would hope to work with.  It is not only a pleasure but a blessing to have found Desarie Fletcher and her family and an honor to call her a friend.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Megan Moore & Kiana 281-460-4140

alaskan klee kai female blue eyes

In regards to Desarie Fletcher of Kika’s Kennel/Kika’s Klee Kai, both personally and professionally, I have yet to meet a breeder that has such strict breeding standards and a true dedication and devotion to the Alaskan Klee Kai as she does.  Professionally, each litter delivered gets the utmost scrutiny and devotion, it is a pleasure to watch and admire her for her talents to the breed.  Desarie is a focused and devoted breeder, she maintains the highest standards for both the puppies produced by her program and those added from other breeders, and she is committed to the betterment of the breed, this is all evident through the dogs produced from her kennel.  Her offspring are DNA tested and UKC registered and she maintains her memberships with UKC and ARBA.  Her ability to add the best pups to her program to increase the gene pool is remarkable and I admire her spirit and work in this area.

Personally, Desarie is a woman of high ideals, self-esteem, self-scrutiny, and has a great balance of realism both in her personal life as well as her professional life.  She is honest, straight-forward, and brings a personal love of animals and family to her program.  If she doesn’t have the answer to the question being asked, she will find it, and this is important in her role in the community of breeders.  She is a great mentor and is always willing to share advice for raising puppies and for new breeders in the Alaskan Klee Kai community.  Even in her dealings with other breeders and friends, she prides herself on her honesty and making the right decisions.  I have been privileged to watch her dealings with problems that have arisen with such decisions, and she maintains the highest integrity for herself, her dogs, and her program.  Her devotion is evident and to be respected and admired by those who know her.  I cannot recommend a better breeder or breeding program and would expect that her program will continue to grow and become more successful due to her exceptional traits.


Jen Endresen, RN

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