Contact Kika’s Klee Kai

If you are interested in general information about the Alaskan Klee Kai breed, please visit our information section.

We currently have Alaskan Klee Kai puppies for sale and currently accepting questionnaires. To start the process of adopting one of our puppies now or in the future please fill out our questionnaire or click the adopt me button below.  If you are approved for one of our puppies you will need to get on our waiting list with a deposit of $250.00. The deposit goes towards the purchase price when we have a puppy for you. We have people on our wait list that are ready now and others that are not. Depending on your preferences for eye color, coat color, sex and size we may have a puppy available soon. The wait time will depend on mother nature, when you get on the wait list (assuming you are approved) and what preference the people already on the wait list are looking for.

Please note that generally speaking we sell our puppies from the waiting list and rarely have puppies available outside our wait list. That being said, if you are not on our waiting list with a deposit of $250.00, you will not be updated with announcements and available puppies.